Top 7 Charities For A Car Donation In Los Angeles


the United States there are hundreds of foundations committed to produce a better world for people in order to inform people about their work as associations – and for those benefactors that are considering a auto donation in Los Angeles. we hope to make people conscious and encourage them to make a donation.

In this composition

Extraordinary Families

Inland Empire Lighthouse for the Eyeless

Goodwill Southern California

Produce Now

Youth Mentoring

United Way Greater Los Angeles (UWGLA)


Extraordinary Families

Extraordinary Families Extraordinary Families is an association born in 2014 from the junction of twonon-profits foundations the Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency (SCFFAA) and the Child Welfare Initiative (CWI). Both associations participated the same vision of perfecting the lives of children affected by the child weal system. This association is both a foster care and relinquishment agency, and also a children’s policy association. As a provider of services to foster children, Extraordinary Families is devoted to novitiate, train, and support high- quality foster and consanguineous homes for children who have been removed

Likewise, Extraordinary Families tools policy and practice reforms in the child weal system in order to change the way our community manage problems related with families. The charge of this association is to find homes and give support for those foster children.

Despite being a foundation fairly new, Extraordinary Families has achieved positive results. According to data handed by the association, it has supported 160 children through its pukka foster family, has consolidated 50 abdications in 2015, and has connected to employment openings at least 310 youthful people last time.

Extraordinary Families, as any othernon-profit foundation, needs the help of the community to continue with itswork.For that reason, the association accepts all kinds of benefactions including plutocrat through Paypal or directly with a particular or business check, or with a credit card; and coffers like computers, office outfit, toys, clothes, passes to theme premises, sporting or artistic events, among numerous others like auto donations.


Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles is a foundation responsible for furnishing civil legal services to poor and low- income people in different communities in Los Angeles County. The main thing of this association is to achieve equal justice for poor people.

LAFLA was created in 1929 and since that moment until now, it has helped million people furnishing direct representation, offering counsel and advice, and giving shops and forums to educate the community about their legal rights. After all these times, currently the association has five neighborhood services, four Tone- Help Legal Access Centers, and three Domestic Violence Conventions.

The work of Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles is to cover mortal and civil rights;

support families; save quality and affordable casing; maintain profitable stability; promote safety, security, and health; and eventually serve populations with special requirements. As reported by the web of the foundation, in 2014 LAFLA supported nearly low- income people and handed education and important legal information to over tone- represented petitioners.

Donations are largely important to every association, and LAFLA isn’t the exception. To continue supporting people who can not pay for civil legal services, this association accepts different types of benefactions including auto donations. People who want to contribute their vehicle can do it in an easy way. For doing a donation, benefactors have to fill in a form and submit the donation. For fresh information, people can call 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433).


Inland Empire Lighthouse for the Blind

People who are visually bloodied generally have problems to carry on a normal life. That’s exactly what Inland Empire Lighthouse for the Blind wants to change. This association, created in 1951, is a privatenon-profit pot where eyeless grown-ups and children can admit training to prepare themselves to go back to the road

This association is analogous to a academy were people with visual impairment admit classes, instructions, accoutrements, refections, transportation and referral services. The program in the Lighthouse is divided into two terms the first bone that begins in the middle of September and the alternate bone that begins in the middle of June.

The services in this association have no charge to the completely and fairly eyeless and they don’t admit finances from the Federal, County, City, State, or from United Way. Owing to its primary means of support comes from fundraising, Wills, and Trusts, the Inland Empire Lighthouse for the Blind invites people to make donations to the association. People can make benefactions via dispatch stuffing in a donation form accompanied by a check or plutocrat, or by phone calling909-884-3121.


Goodwill Southern California

People’s lives can be converted through the power of work, which is the charge of Goodwill Southern California, an association that helps individualities with disabilities and disadvantages by furnishing work experience, training, education, and job placement services. The work of this foundation is possible thanks to donations of unwanted particulars.

What this association does is to reduce, exercise and reclaim. It receives further than2.3 million donations of all kinds of goods, which are resold to fund training and job placement. Moment, Goodwill Southern California runs 80 retail stores, 44 attended donation centers, five Career Resource Centers, three Work Source Centers, and three premises.

This foundation generates a profound ripple effect that benefits the entire original frugality. Thanks to the job programs of Goodwill Southern California, it has been possible to reduce severance, poverty, and crime in numerous communities of the area.


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