HP Omen Vector Wireless Mouse Review

HP Omen Vector Wireless Mouse Review
HP Omen Vector Wireless Mouse Review

While remote gaming mice (and remote peripherals overall) may presently don’t be totally second rate compared to their wired partners, claiming a remote mouse will unavoidably lead you to one of two circumstances: you either supplant the batteries, or re-energize it. Supplanting the batteries brings about extra expenses on top of what is (normally) a generally costly buy, and re-energizing powers you to back away from how youre doing a timeframe.

With neither of these being especially advantageous results, its nothing unexpected that individuals have kept on utilizing wired items. And keeping in mind that remote items are gradually increasing present expectations, theres still far to go.

HP Omen Vector Wireless Mouse Review
HP Omen Vector Wireless Mouse Review

That leaves the HP Omen Vector Wireless mouse in somewhat of an odd position. Estimated at $100 (right now limited to $75 on Amazon), it remains between its proven wired archetypes, and the development of more up to date models. So what legitimizes that sticker price?

Tech Specs

Weight3.68 ounces/104 grams
Product Dimensions5.05 x 2.94 x 1.65 inches (LxWxH)
Connection TypeUSB-C
SoftwareOMEN Gaming Hub
DPI Range100-16,000 (OMEN Hub Required)
Tracking Speed400 IPS
Polling RateUSB type C to USB type A
Durability Rating1ms
Battery Life180 hours

Battery Life

The Vector handles the issue of remote mice in its own specific manner. It brags 180 hours use off of a solitary charge, and with its speedy charge innovation, 30 seconds of charge compares to one hour of battery life (1.5 hours to a full charge). It may not be not exactly comparable to Logitechs G502 Lightspeed, which remotely charges itself as you playprovided you own the $120 independent mousepadbut it just expenses around a third as the previously mentioned mouse and cushion mix.

I was fairly wary with regards to the battery life claims, however following 5 days of day by day use, it hasnt plunged beneath 70% charge.

Construct Quality

The primary thing youll notice after getting the Vector is its weight. Contrasted with the mouse I utilized already (Razers Death Adder v2), its significantly heavier (105 grams versus 82 grams), owing mostly to the manner in which its been fabricated. Regardless of the extra weight, it floats rather effectively, and subsequent to getting acclimated with the weight, it doesnt feel very different.

Truly, however, the Vector was worked to be durable regardless of anything else. While that is extraordinary assuming you need to have the option to toss it in a rucksack or bag and not stress over it, it causes it to feel fairly prohibitive in both everyday use, and in-game.


Your degree of solace with the Omen Vector will rely generally upon what sort of mouse grasp you use, just as the size of your hand. My hands are genuinely enormous, and my fingers are longer than the normal people. While the Vector is just marginally more limited long than different mice, its grasp is perceptibly bigger. For my situation, my fingers became confined inside a couple of hours, and my wrist was constrained into an abnormal position. Then again, my sibling, who has more modest hands and more limited fingers than me, utilized it for a couple of hours without issue. He really loved it better than his own mouse. I regularly utilize the fingertip grasp, while my sibling utilizes the palm hold.

Availability and Customization

Similarly as with most other remote peripherals, the Vector highlights consistent attachment and-play. Should you decide to download the OMEN Gaming Hub from the Microsoft store, be that as it may, youll approach a genuinely great degree of customization. Alongside the standard shading programming, you can make custom macros or keybinds for any button on the mouse, including right-snap and left-click.

It likewise includes 5 unique DPI levels, every one of which can be changed to an alternate worth through the gaming center point. Its significant, however, that it must be changed in augmentations of 100so it may not be pretty much as exact as some might usually like.

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Its somewhat hard to suggest the HP Omen Vector. It might not have any immediate contest whatsoever value point, however its hard to legitimize the expense. With a touch of link the executives, a standard wired mouse will rarelyif evercause issues.

The Vectors primary advantages over other remote items are its battery life and speedy charge capacities. In a vacuum, these are completely sub-par contrasted with other remote items like the G502 Lightspeed. All things considered, the G502 Lightspeed and its remote charging mouse cushion cost almost $300 together, making it another extreme sell. In examination, the Vector is more affordablethough you pay for that reasonableness with pausing and charge it sometimes, just as with conceivably awkward hand and wrist act. In general, however its still a decent mouseso long as you dont mind it being somewhat heavier.


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