How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?

How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?
How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?

Exhausted of ordinary messaging? Hoping to enliven your discussion somewhat more? Indeed, nothing can work better compared to Game Pigeon.

Its flooding prominence says everything regarding it Game Pigeon consolidates iMessage with a game application and allows you to play with your companions close by visiting.

Nonetheless, the dismal part it has not yet been made authority for Android clients yet that ought not prevent anybody from partaking in its advantages.

Here in this article, well enlighten you concerning how you can play Game Pigeon on Android with a smooth encounter.

Lets discover then, at that point!

How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?
How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?

What is GamePigeon?

Messaging can here and there become exhausting yet imagine a scenario where you get to play fun, lil games along that sounds pretty fascinating, right. Indeed, that is what’s really going on with Gamepigeon. It lets game applications be utilized as augmentations to iMessage (presently additionally accessible for Android clients!).

The application can be handily from the App Store and to get an encouragement to the application, your companion will especially need to message you. The application will then, at that point, show up in the augmentation bar of your iMessage console.

You can play this game with any of your contacts and look over various games including 8-ball, Poker, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Tanks, Knockout, Checkers, Four In A Row and that’s just the beginning.

To play a specific game, youll need to send a solicitation to one of your contacts which can be effectively finished by picking a said game. Once done, the application will naturally arrange it into an instant message or iMessage.

In this way, next time at whatever point you become weary of messaging, consider playing fun games with your companions all things being equal. Other than agreeable rivalry, youll additionally have an extraordinary discussion with your companion.

As you approach an assortment of games here, youll consistently have a novel, new thing to examination and play with your companions.

How To Get Game Pigeon On Android?

There is a method for running iMessage game on Android however for that you want a macOS PC. iMessage right now doesnt work on Android however it deals with the two iOS and macOS.

How it functions?

Your messages will be shipped off weServer where it will be handled and conveyed to iPhone. So when you communicate something specific from your Android gadget, it will be conveyed to the weServer, which will then, at that point, forward the message to the iPhone.

As Game Pigeon would now be able to be gotten to on Android as well, let us investigate the means required to get the game.

However, before we do that, ensure you as of now have supported your information (as the game isn’t yet made authority for Android clients, it might attract some danger factors).

Stage 1: First, the Java Development Kit 7 or Higher on your macintosh. Try to the most recent macOS form of Java.

Stage 2: Once you have Java Development Kit, introduce it on your macintosh.

Stage 3: Now you should put the Terminal application on your Accessibility tab.

To do that: Click on > System Preferences > Security and Privacy.

Click on Accessibility and afterward Add (+) Terminal situated under Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

When done, Terminal will get added to the Accessibility list.

Stage 4: Install weMessage on your macintosh utilizing the connection:

Stage 5: On the initially startup, you will be approached to enter the your iMessage email and a secret key. When you enter that, weServer will begin.

Stage 6: While the weServer is running, go to the weMessage application on your Android gadget.

Stage 7: Login to weMessage on Android by entering similar qualities set on your weServer. Adhere to the guidelines showed on the application screen.

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Stage 8: Once its done, your gadget ought to get associated with MacOS.

Stage 9: Now you can without much of a stretch get instant messages with the game pigeon demand from an iOS gadget.

Following the previously mentioned steps appropriately will allow you to the application on your android gadget bother free.


In case you have noticed these games definitively, youll presumably be happy to realize that the greater part of these mirror the exemplary prepackaged games that we as a whole used to play as children.

So presently at whatever point youre drained or exhausted, you realize what to bounce onto, correct? Simply Game Pigeon and have better discussions with your companions while messing around alongside.


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